We are human, too.

After Emma Watson’s inspiring speech on feminism, HeforShe and equality of the sexes, a lot of misogynistic posts and articles have been popping up like weeds on the internet.

Even if you do not believe in feminism, you still have no right to mistreat women. You have rights and so do we. All feminism asks is that our rights as women aren’t taken away from us.

Feminism isn’t anti-men, nor does it ask to take away men’s “masculinity”. All it is and ever was is making sure that women today really have equal rights and freedoms as men. 

There’s no such thing as “you’re only a man IF”. Sex isn’t identified by attitude, or what you eat, or how many women you sleep with, or how many hours you spend at the gym, or how good you are at sports or whatever. Have a penis? Yeah okay you’re a man, congrats. Now put that thing back where it came from. 

Disrespecting women isn’t cool. It isn’t manly. It isn’t acceptable. 

I’m not saying it’s alright to be mean to guys either. I’m not saying every single man alive is a scumbag and a woman-hater. All I ask, all any woman asks from men is to treat us FAIRLY. We are human too. 

Don’t like the word, ‘feminism’? Fine, that doesn’t matter. It’s just a word. The meaning of the word is more important. Please, treat each other fairly and don’t be jerks. It’s all we ask. 

Sorting out the paperwork for uni is so…confusing. They ask so many irrelevant and trivial questions…it’s like they don’t want me to gain a higher education, get a proper job that’ll support a comfortable life for me and pay their government’s taxes…